Traveling Reinvention Road

Life is a journey filled with twists and turns and unexpected sorrow and happiness. It is a road we all travel; sometimes alone and sometimes with others. We encounter so many crossroads and various road conditions along the way; some treacherous and others smooth, calm and uneventful. There is much uncertainty as to whether or not we are going in the right direction.
As we all know, life does not always happen according to our plans.  Major life changes both planned and unplanned can have enormous effects.  We think we have arrived at our destination and all of a sudden we realize that we can no longer stay.  Job loss is one of those major life changes that can have devastating effects.  The ripple effects can sometimes seem endless.
My purpose in writing this blog is mainly to share my story and inspire others as they try to cope with job loss and its effects.   It can be a treacherous part of the road riddled with crossroads and many dark tunnels.  I hope to help you find some light in those tunnels so you can get through that stretch of road.
We sometimes experience such uncertainty as we come to these crossroads.  They are not always well marked and our GPS seems out of whack.   But perhaps with the right perspective, we can take the turn, and take the chance to reinvent ourselves optimistically for the better. Hopefully, we can come together and share our experiences so that we can all become stronger and more confident as we navigate and look for the yellow brick portion of ReinventionRoad.